Visiting Nurses Solution

One of the largest Trusts in Europe is working with us to develop the following;

The mobilization of 3 groups of visiting nurses to include:

1. Continence

A continence assessment is performed by a healthcare professional to assess your ability to control bladder or bowel function and to determine factors that may be contributing to incontinence. A continence assessment is essential for continence management and generally consists of two parts: an interview and a physical assessment.

2. Tissue Viability

Maintenance of skin integrity and the management of patients with acute and chronic wounds, prevention and management of pressure damage.

3. Single Assessment Tool

The first of its kind in the UK, this Single Assessment Tool is a fully tested and validated assessment tool designed specifically for the health and social care system we are working with.“The process will focus on a person’s abilities and strengths rather than their disabilities. It will also reduce the stress experienced by many older people who are frustrated when faced by a stream of well-meaning professionals all wanting to ask them the same questions.

Each of these groups has specific forms which are required to be completed during a visit by the nurse. The existing process involves the health care professional completing a hard copy of the form by means of a data pen (Tissue Viability Only) which is then transferred in the Paris System.

TotalMobile™ is not only being designed to replace the manual form but also ensures previous patient information is available during the visit. This information will include previous assessments, patient details and any referrals. TotalMobile™ will equally ensure that the mobile worker has no need to duplicate information e.g. patient name \ address when completing the associated forms.

When a patient is referred a series of appointments are made in Paris by the nurse. The appointments (visits) will be allocated to a mobile device, the nurse will visit the patient and complete the necessary assessment form. On completion the visit information will automatically be integrated back into the Paris System and will be linked to the original referral.

In certain cases the nurse may take an image of a wound during a visit. This image will also be attached within Paris to the original referral. Another area of the solution will be that the nurse will be able to print and leave with the patient a care package which is tailored to the specific wound (Tissue Viability Only).

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