Our Healthcare Solution


At TotalMobile Ltd we have developed the technology to help every aspect of your Trust; for both in and out of hospital healthcare professionals. We can help your staff become more efficient, more compliant by releasing more time from their busy day to day to deliver better care to those who need it.

TotalMobile™ works on every mobile platform and unlike other products out there, it’s not about bringing the back office into the field. Instead, it enables your staff to work better through providing exactly the right information when and where it’s needed.


Complete forms out on visits, share information both on and offline, monitor progress, capture info in real-time and exchange vital data with your back office systems in a fully secure encrypted environment.

Gone are the days where the majority of your teams spend most of their time on travel and administration instead of with those who need it. One trust confided with us and said that they were spending 30% on administration, 30% on travel and 30% with the service user.


This has to change and with TotalMobile™, now it can.

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