Midwifery Solution

English Trust – Midwifery Solution

We are currently in discussion to provide a solution for the Midwifery Department of an English Trust. This area is completely manual currently, thereby causing the following problems

  • No visibility of where staff are
  • No planning so very reactive
  • No audit trail of work carried out
  • No ability to reschedule work, e.g. if someone is sick
  • Significant time wasted on unnecessary journeys and paperwork

TotalMobile™ solves the following problems that exist for healthcare professionals in the NHS today…see below how your Trust can benefit.

  • Provides the capability to create work, including recurring visits
  • Schedules this work to the appropriate midwife or quickly reschedule, if required
  • Automatically sends the work / visit details to the midwifeʼs handheld device, along with relevant patient information, forms etc.
  • Allows the midwife to record all of the necessary information and automatically store this centrally
  • Automatically provides all of the audit trail information, including date / time stamps, GPS location, signatures, photographs etc.
  • Provides real time visibility for managers and team leaders of where staff are and what visits they are on
  • Easily provides management reports

As well as quickly and easily solving all of the problems outlined above, TotalMobile™ should also free up at least an extra hour per day per midwife to focus on delivering front line care. This will be achieved by cutting out unnecessary journeys back to the office, eliminating paperwork and admin, etc. For this team of 80 midwives, the savings work out at around £1,680 per day or £369,600 per working year ( assuming an average midwifeʼs salary, including employer on-costs is about £34,500. This equates to an hourly rate of £21 ). Another way to view this is that it is the equivalent of adding 11 midwives per annum to the team.

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