While talking to a lot of Health Trusts and Healthcare Professionals we have compiled an FAQ list to help answer any initial questions you may have;

  • How does your solution integrate with back end systems?
  • TotalMobile™ provides a full XML based messaging SDK. We provide out of the the box support of reintegration using protocols such as web services, FTP, file system as well as support for partners to write their own custom integration using the SDK.

  • Can your solution pull data from more than one system?
  • Yes. TotalMobile™ can pull data from as many systems as required and update data back to these systems. One of the advantages of our approach is that data from these many systems is presented to the user as part of one seamless process where they get instant access to the information required to do their job.

  • What APIʼs do you have?
  • TotalMobile™ provides our own adapter API. This is an SDK supported .NET API which is used to write integration. We also provide out of the box adapters for Web Services, email, File System, POST and FTP which allow XML messages to be sent and received with minimal development. Our Integration Server supports the application of XSLT to messages in transit. As part of our SDK we also provide a data sync API for synchronising reference data from back office systems.

  • What systems have you integrated with?
  • TotalMobile™ can integrate with almost any back office system. Learn more here

  • How secure is the data?
  • All data in TotalMobile™ is very secure. User authentication is 2-factor based and all data is AES256 encrypted in such a way that it is only accessible to the right user on the right device using the app. All data is also AES256 encrypted in transit.

  • What version of devices does your solution work on?
  • TotalMobile™ works on Android versions 2.2 upwards; Blackberry 7 upwards, iOS 5 upwards, Windows XP upwards.

  • How easy is to schedule work with your solution?
  • Extremely easy. If your back office system does not have a work scheduling ability we provide a simple web based scheduler which allows you to filter work and users, view the locations of work and users and schedule work by dragging and dropping to the workers diary.

  • What happens if the information changes during the day, will the visit information be updated?
  • Visit information can be updated at any time. We provide integration messages for this purpose.

  • Can you remotely “kill” the device or data?
  • TotalMobile™ secures its own data so that you do not have to worry about managing the device. This works well in a BYOD scenario where our solution may be used on workers own devices. We provide a facility whereby the data on a device is disabled by an administrator or automatically if a device has been offline for too long. To kill the device MDM software would be required but it is not necessary to run our solution.

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