The TotalMobile™ solution is a world class platform that helps organisations with a large workforces increase productivity, efficiency and cost reduction. TotalMobile Ltd wants to target the healthcare sector, presenting their technology as a high value solution that can help to get healthcare working better.



The TotalMobile™ Solution can deliver an increase in efficiency, connectivity and security for the healthcare system as a whole, both in hospital and in the community.

It is a world class mobile working solution which allows users to stay connected whilst on the job. It’s multiplatform which means teams can work with the best mobile devices they need to get the job done; tablet, smart phone, PDA.

Most importantly, it works in real time which keeps workers in the field in sync with management at all times. As a mobile working solution, it removes the need for arduous form-filling, paper-work and filing. That alone could potentially save the NHS millions!

TotalMobile Ltd have 27 years of experience developing innovative software solutions for local government. In more recent years it has been about how to best manage large mobile workforces. This experience can be directly transferred to help in-hospital and in-community healthcare professionals cut down on administration and travel and spend more time on quality care for those who ultimately need it.

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The Problem


The problem with healthcare can be separated into 3 different perspectives; Government, NHS Managers, Healthcare Professionals:

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Our Solution


At TotalMobile™ we have developed the technology to help every aspect of your Trust; for both in and out of hospital healthcare professionals.

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